How to Begin

In-person consultation:

  • One- to three-hour walkthrough of your space to assess problem areas
  • Detailed, typed report with suggestions and solutions sent to you
  • Special consultations available for two or more households in the same location, i.e., condo complex or trailer park

E-mail / phone consultation:

  • Long-distance needs assessment
  • Personalized homework plan and guidelines
  • Tracking of your progress via weekly coaching and digital pictures

Personal coaching:

  • In-person, phone or email sessions to work on issues underlying clutter
  • A look at habits and behaviors keeping you stuck in stress and chaos
  • Creation of an action plan to turn your life around

Work session:

  • The first visit begins with strategic planning, goal setting and a walkthrough of your space
  • We usually work together, but can work independently
  • We will downsize, reconfigure, and rearrange to find practical, customized solutions
  • Homework will be assigned
  • Follow-up phone consultations and on-site maintenance are available at end of the job


  • I value your business and guarantee total confidentiality
  • I can assist with shopping or disposing of your personal items if needed
  • Hourly rates or discounted prepaid payment plans may be available
  • Gift certificates can be purchased
  • Live out of town? I will travel to you.