Organizing Testimonials

I am pleased to recommend Risa Goldberg of Simply Marvelous Organizing. I have had the pleasure of working with Risa on several projects for our special needs clients.  She is very client-centered, taking in the needs of each individual and developing a plan around them.

L. Autry, CLPF
Administrator: Special Needs Trust Foundation
Lakeside, CA   Read more 

I recently employed Risa Goldberg to help me get my small town home ready for our growing family. I was very pleased with her attention to detail.

S. C., Point Loma, CA    Read more

Risa, you are fabulous! In fact, you are INCREDIBLE. I appreciate all your loving energy and support. I can’t wait to schedule my next appointment with you. You will be happy to know I am in action. I have cleaned out spaces in my home and in my mind. I have so much gratitude for you already.

S. Wolf, San Diego, CA    Read more

I am writing to express sincere appreciation for the effort and assistance you provided in the area of “office organization” in my Financial Planning practice. Your ability to listen to what I needed translated into creating a structure that fits well here in the office. I ended up with more space and more organization with less effort to handle future tasks! Many thanks!

J. Siegel, Siegel Financial, La Jolla, CA    Read more

Risa helped me organize various storage places in my house last year in preparation for a remodel. In just several visits, she sized up one of our major storage problems, and we executed a major reshuffle of items in every closet in the house. We were thrilled with the results and how much reorganization we had accomplished in a relatively short time.

J. Phillips, El Cajon, CA    Read more

Risa is just the person for the job when an estate needs to be processed and family members require both sensitivity and thoroughness. I recommend her highly and without reservation.

R. Hill, Amherst, MA    Read more