Hands-On Organizing Support for your Client in his Home

I support therapists and related professionals in a team approach to client care. I work hands-on and side-by-side with your client to create physical and practical solutions which promote and maintain peaceful, positive change in his/her living space and environment.

This is what I can provide:

  • Compassion, sensitivity and a good listening ear
  • Insight into client’s living conditions and activities of daily living
  • Organizational plan and strategy—a look at the overall picture—how best to assist client with management of his possessions
  • Organizational skills: sorting, categorizing and organizing
  • Customized systems—for paperwork, bill-paying, routines like laundry, cleaning, recycling, mealtime, bedtime, etc.
  • The right tools for the space—file folders, storage containers, other supplies as needed
  • Disposal, recycling, donation, sale/consignment of unwanted items
  • Assistance with memorabilia, collections, photographs, and valuables
  • Decluttering and organization of client off-site storage
  • Prioritizing activities, scheduling, managing appointments, and time
  • Decision making and motivation
  • Help with changing non-productive behaviors
  • Homework assignments, follow-up and maintenance programs

If the client agrees to share information and work as a team, a release will be signed at that time.